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Classic Collection Diffusers by Scented Space

  • $40.00

Classic Collection Diffusers by Scented Space are bringing the outside inside!

Scented Space fragrance diffusers are a fragrant finishing touch to any space of your home. Featuring the highest quality designer scent blends, made with 90% fragrance oil,  Scented Space is australia's favourite fragrant diffuser.


Black Amber Fragrance

Spicy & Woody - A brisk walk through the Black Forest, wrapped in woollen knits and happiness.


Driftwood Fragrance

Woody Chypre - The intense joy of finding a remote beach in winter and a moment just for you.


Seashore Fragrance

Aquatic & Woody - An untameable sea lapping the shore and washing the world's worries away.


White Lily Fragrance

Aquarit & Floral - A sailing trip down the Mekong River passing little villages lost in time.


White Tea Lavender Fragrance

Floral & Fresh Herbal - A quiet retreat in Provence with lush lavender fields that disappear into the sunset.








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