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City Range Candles

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City Range Candes...escape to timeless destinations!

Pure soy wax glasses enriched with premium blends of fragrances inspired by each of the cities flora, aromas and lifestyle. Designed around some of the most romantic and exotic cities of the world, there is a fragrance blend that will bring a touch of luxury to your home.

All fragrances are made from pure soy wax and cotton wicks combined with richly scented oil blends for an extra long burning time of up to 40 hours with a brilliant depth of fragrance.

The stunning skyline glass features a silhouette of each city highlighting the cities individual features also provide a wonderful glow through effect while burning along with the warm inviting fragrance blend filling your home.



Paris Fragrance

French pear, sweet fennel, grape muguet, lavender, fresh cyprus, hyssop, sage, myrrh and wild iris


New York Fragrance

Red mulberry, cedarwood, wild plum, blue iris, cranberry, sycamore and sweet bay magnolia.



Blackberry leaves, tudor rose, daphne, mistletoe, foxglove, primrose, willowherb and wild daffodil.

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